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“Without even realizing it, reality falls away. All that exists is the story in front of them​.​”

Right before production began we sat down with  Emily Buder, managing editor of indie film publication No Film School to  discuss plans for the film, expectations of life on the road and the similarities and variations of the human experience.


Strangers Discussing Strangers



"Storytelling has evolved in the digital age, creating space for transparency and crafting one’s own personal narratives. But it also stripped away some of the freedom that comes from the anonymity of the written word."

While on the road, we spoke with New York Foundation for the Arts about progress of the tour and film as well as the benefits of being a fiscally sponsored project, including credibility and fundraising with non-profit status.

NY 1

“The letters include advice on life, birthday messages and people diving into their inner selves to express a deeply held emotion, like one that says, 'Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you. Forgive yourself. I do.'”

The tri-state area's favorite morning news anchor, Roger Clark, stopped by to experience the project and interview the team before we set out on the cross-country journey. 


"It’s called The Strangers Project and it’s a unique and intimate way to learn about others, and ourselves."

On one of the first tour stops in Boston, a CBS news crew came by the art installation and spoke with founder Brandon Doman and a number of passersby who shared their stories. 


"Stacy Emory, director of the school, said breeding such a sense of empathy was a prime objective of bringing The Strangers Project to the school."

The penultimate stop on our cross-country tour was to bring the Strangers Project to an entire school in San Carlos, CA. More than 800 students participated in sharing stories, even including the littlest ones who hadn't yet learned to write.

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